Tips on Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashions in today’s time is probably the most confusing of all previous decades to label and contain into one definition or style. This is probably the biggest reason that modern men have so much trouble styling themselves and shopping/buying/dressing in the latest styles. There are a few very general rules however that make the modern times a little more understandable. They may seem obvious at first, but in a world where men think they are behind in styles, they are very useful tips.

The first thing you should know about the modern men’s fashions is that there are no rules that are set in stone. Today’s time more than any other include such a variety of styles and personal tastes, and a tolerance of the different tastes we all have, that the only place where there are rules are places with dress codes and places where clicks form and are maintained. When shopping for men’s clothing in today’s modern times, it is important to know your personal style, what looks good on you, and what you feel the most confident in. If this means all stripes all the time, so be it. Loving the plaid? Okay. Because of our varied culture, it is acceptable and celebrated to do what you like – this is the true hallmark of the 2000s. It’s all about creativity these days,you can create your own t-shirt and impress everyone.

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Some men can’t get out of the 90s. Some men are current with their fashion but long for the styles of the 90s. The truth is that the decade of the 90s is fast approaching a decade worthy of a costume party theme. Some parties are already including them, and it’s important for men to know about it. A little knowledge about the decade of the 90s will help greatly, whether you want to dress that way again or are going to a theme party.

Shoes of the 90s are varied and very eclectic. They range anywhere from the flip flop to the knee boots (yep, for men too). Pants were often whatever was comfortable – however, this is the decade where the different styles started breaking up into different clicks, such as tighter jeans for cowboys, looser pants for more urban lifestyles, etc. It’s hard to label the styles of this decade because of how varied they really are. Shirts were also extremely varied – one of the bigger styles however was the saying or motto shirts with clever, funny, or even offensive sayings on them. Headwear, like everything else, was extremely varied – as a general rule however, headbands were out and in were slouchy hats like ball caps, fedoras, berets, and even cowboy hats.

By following your personal style and staying true to yourself, you as a man are embodying the style and rules of the 2000s